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When RFI's go Dark.. do this.

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Tom Wengler


RFI follow up email template in HubSpot - send automatically Our Economic Development clients  spend a ton of time working on and replying to RFP - RFI's.

Following up consistently is a challenge.

So, let's make this easy. 

Automate it!


1. Create your email template.  Steal this one.

2. Change the last line every so often - make it funny / playful / friendly.

3. Personalize the subject line, etc. This will increase open rate and response rate.

4. Set up the workflow so that a task is created, in a Task Queue.  Send that email out 24 days (or so) later. 


Know where you stand. Track losses. Ask for feedback. Record the evidence for your Lost RFP - RFI report.

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