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How We Helped A Client With Workforce Development

Image of Tom Wengler
Tom Wengler

One of our clients in Maryland has a workforce development program that connects local High Schools students with Local Companies. Cool!

They wanted an easy way to track their engagement and results with: students, high schools, the State Department of Labor and local companies.

This program is poised to make a Big Impact in their local community.  Managing this by email and excel would only create more work. 

They also collaborate with the State Labor Board where there is an application process that must be managed.

Victories must be captured and recorded and reports are required to provide evidence of results.

The program...

  • Create and full internship positions from the local high schools
  • Create and fill Apprenticeship programs.
  • Fill local jobs.

It Start with a Phone Call.  "Hey Tom,... Can you help?"

The Answer: the Success System - optimized and live in just 55 minutes.

  • The Success System is able to identify all companies assisted.
  • We track the time spent and the results.
  • The client knows which high schools filled the positions. 
  • We know where each "deal" is using Deal Stages 

Victories for: student, local company, and the economic development team.



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