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How Start Up Businesses can get HubSpot for 90% off

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Tom Wengler

Imagine being able to buy a Ferrari for 90% off.  HubSpot is a Ferrari for

your start up. So, here's how it's done. 


One of our clients ditched 7 software subscriptions and went all in on HubSpot. 

2.5 years later, this self funded company is running at over $10,000,000 Annual Recurring Revenue.

Today, they rely on HubSpot to drive their business growth as they prepare for an exit.

And when that happens, their Founders can actually buy a real Ferrari (actually, they could probably afford do that right now).


How it Works


1. The 90% off HubSpot program is for qualified startups. It's easy to mess up the application process but we'll walk you through it.

2. Do not buy HubSpot licenses too soon. Do that, and there's no going back.

3.  Who will qualify?  

- there are 3 levels based on how much money, if any, you've raised

- you'll also have to connect with a HubSpot Partner 

- we will walk you through the application process the right way from start to finish

4. What's the best way to use HubSpot if we qualify


The HubSpot for Startups Strategy


1. Get help choosing the correct licenses to start with.

2. Understand the licenses and "go live FAST". The 90% off price is good for 1 year. The idea is to blow it out of the water so when your

$1,500/month software package that you are paying $150/month for renews in year 2...

Paying $750/month for the software is a no brainer because your reach, leads, and sales are so high, that keeping HubSpot, even at this higher price (still 50% off) is a proven winner. 



If you're thinking about HubSpot... get in touch with us ASAP.

If you work with lots of startups and run a VC firm (investing in start up businesses) , a business incubator or accelerator program - the HubSpot suite, when properly deployed, will accelerate the growth of your client companies.

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