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Tourism Tip: Deliver a Better Outdoor Experience

Image of Tom Wengler
Tom Wengler

Deliver a Better Tourism Experience

Hiking Trails.

Game Trails.

Motorcycle Trails.

Fitness Trails.


I think it's in our DNA to find and follow trails. 

If you haven't noticed, a lot of people like maps, and apps.

So, if your community / hotel concierge engages with tourist, you need to know where to send people to the trails in your area.  

How many times have you asked about where to go hiking only to get

  • a confused look
  • unclear directions
  • a response totally lacking in confidence or inspiration
  • or "there's a .25 mile loop trail around the park" when I'm looking to go 10 miles, in the snow, to get behind a frozen waterfall in Grizzly Bear country - Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada.  In the winter, you can go behind the water fall into a tight space that is emerald green - the sunlight turns green after passing through the ice.
    Green monster trail Kananaskis Alberta

I'm going to make this super easy for you.. Buy this for everyone on your team.   It's the All Trails App and it's perfect for anyone looking to explore the outdoors.  At least get 1 license for your tourism offices and for your concierge.   Please. I beg you. 



All Trails app - your team needs this

Tourism CRM with HubSpot - all trails app


Another Example from Johnson City, TN...  I discovered this at a motorcycle race in Birmingham, TN.

Motorcyclists spend money, often travelling in packs.  

Introducing The Southern Dozen motorcycle trail website complete with an app!  https://southerndozen.com/


Johnson city tourism app for motorcyclists



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