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Lead Generation Tips for economic developers / talent attraction

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Maybe you’ve got a great-looking website with a lot of website traffic and that’s a great start.

Your website looks amazing but are you getting actual results, as in… Leads?  If you have a concierge service, you need to start thinking in terms of Leads and Conversions.  HubSpot will help you with this.

Be sure to think about your target market, buyer persona's and the buyer's journey as well.



Are your website visitors converting from Strangers to Leads?

Do you know which campaigns are generating results? Are you able to see, measure and report on campaign effectiveness? 

Do you know who’s visiting your website? 

Have you defined what a lead conversion is? Here are some ideas. 

  • downloaded a guidebook
  • booked a trip
  • shared contact info
  • uploaded a resume
  • social connect, follow, likes, etc.
  • engaged in a chat
  • entered a contest
  • met with Concierge
  • etc.

Are you retargeting website visitors with online ads or do you just let people forget about your community?

Imagine what you could do if you only know who was on your website and what they were looking for.


Get The Right People On The Site - know your market

  • Your most challenging leads
    • have never lived here
    • no family here
    • current company is not located here (no transfer opportunity)
    • can't point to your community on a map
    • And yet... some of these may still work out
    • are not in 1 day drive (the longer the drive the worse the lead)
    • no direct flight to you (the more connecting flights, the worse the lead)
    • kids are in middle - high school (much harder to move them somewhere new)
  • Better leads
    • lived here at some point (college or military)
    • have some family in the area or family is within a short drive (the shorter the better)
    • can get here easily
    • have friends / job prospects here
  • Best leads
    • boomerangs (grew up here, have family here)
    • have the skills employers demand
    • are moving from a high cost state or into career opportunities that don't exist where they live today
    • your community will be better for their kids 

The right content and Search Engine Optimization will help you attract your buyers. 

  1. Identify your audience using personas.
  2. Analyze your SEO.
  3. Run this tool to analyze your website performance objectively.
  4. Create curiosity - make a name for your community (get creative)
  5. Use the law of scarcity - fear of loss of missing out to drive action - this is about content that converts and captures attention.
  6. Aspirational marketing and Stories of success.
  7. Tell people what your problem is - your problem is their opportunity!  

    We need 10,000 tech workers in the next X3-5 years because... 

    We made a mistake by keeping _______________ (your town) a secret for too long! 

  8. Interview people that just moved here - find out why, ask them to tour your website and replay their journey - did your website give them what they wanted?  

Targeted Ads can help you drive traffic. Be sure to think about your Ad ROI.  Go after 1 "best fit" state or community one at a time.

Connect on Social - 2,106 people on linkedin live in California that graduated from your local university. Go after these people with ads, 1x1 connection requests, etc.  



  1. Provide helpful content that people want to consume
  2. Make it easy for people to research your community. Match content to audience (local business, site selectors, new business prospects from the company direct)
  3. Track IP addresses and identify contacts.
  4. Encourage conversions via:
    1. Pop up forms
    2. Contact us forms
    3. Download content forms.
    4. Chat and chatbots. These are super important tools and you’re missing out if you don’t have them on your site.
  5. Ideally, your marketing system will connect with your CRM and website seamlessly. Things get better when you connect a searchable online knowledge base and customer support - ticking system as well.

hubspot contact tracking capabilities in economicdevelopmentcrm.com

With the right tech, you’d know the following At the Contact Level…

  1. Who is engaging with your ads, emails, marketing emails, and videos.
  2. Who is opening your proposals and what are they looking at page by page.
  3. What is this person interested in… what articles are they looking at, and what website pages are they visiting.

When this happens, you’ll find yourself in the right place, at the right time, earlier in the sales cycle armed with more information.

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