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HubSpot Free Licenses - now optimized to handle disaster recovery efforts for Economic Developers.

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Tom Wengler

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Watching Tropical Storm / Hurricane Barry this weekend, I decided to take action. On Saturday morning, I optimized HubSpot's software tools to help Economic Development teams deal with natural disasters.


1. Free Account Set Up. We get your organization registered with HubSpot and set up the account. The software licenses are 100% free.


2. Import Customization Set. We run our Quick Copy program to bring over our Disaster Planning and Recovery optimization set (we've pre-optimized HubSpot for you).


3. Training. We'll train you to modify and create your own web forms. We'll also train you to use Tickets, Contacts, Companies and Activities.


4. Test it. Our system helps you get updated contact info into your database of existing companies. You can create tickets to track your communications and progress with the businesses that need assistance.


5. Use in Advance of a Disaster. Now your organization is ready and able to capture info, stay in communication during the storm, and take action.

Board View of Disaster Assistance Tickets

ticket board

HubSpot FREE licenses allow you to use email templates so you can create emails like this one below. Send up to 2,000 mass email's per month.

This email campaign drives awareness and allows recipients to update contact info and submit a ticket for assistance.


Advanced Prep email template


hc theo

Cost - $499 for set up and training.

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Image of Tom Wengler
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