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Economic Developers Guide to CRM Software - 2022

Image of Tom Wengler
Tom Wengler
Tom Wengler - HubSpot Convergence Partner and Expert in Economic Development CRM systems.

This comprehensive guide provides a high level overview of the CRM products offered for economic developers.

You will also learn why CRM alone is not enough.

Download the guide here

Key Topics:

  • Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot - the big companies vs. those build by smaller companies on the market today (Executive Pulse, Synchronist). We give the pro's and con's for each.
  • The importance of a unified system that connects all aspects of economic development.
  • What to expect from CRM systems and what to look for.
  • A tool to help you define your requirements is included. 
  • We also cover integrations, support models (this is super important), and use cases.
  • Main benefits, Must have Features, and more.
  • Get the guide if you are thinking NEW CRM for your Team.

Notes: Online Guides and Comparisons between systems not rarely accurate. Here's why!

1. CRM is not the same for every industry or type of organization. The CRM comparisons look through a wide lens and consider the broadest use cases.


2. The licenses are complex and the systems get upgraded all the time.  We've seen online comparisons that compare 1 vendor's FREE CRM with the most expensive / best levels from another vendor. 

3. Apples to Apples: you have to evaluate this for yourselves.

4. Start with your team's requirements - if you don't, you'll get "sold" on a system. You don't want to get sold, you want to select. 



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