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Chamber of Commerce: New CRM Players in the Market

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Tom Wengler

Microsoft and Salesforce have some of the largest chambers of commerce in this space as customers and there's a new system in town.. HubSpot.

While the Salesforce licenses are no longer Free for a Chamber of Commerce, it's a very strong platform.

Microsoft and Salesforce are the Enterprise Players in this space - big, powerful CRM tools that can be made to do most anything (at a high cost with expensive software developers).

If you're already "all in" with Microsoft - you'll want to see what they have for you too.

But, if you don't have a $100,000+ budget for software...you might want to consider HubSpot.

HubSpot (what we do here at Convergence, LLC) can play in this space as well...without the software complexity and at a lower price point. And we've spend of time and money building this system out so you see the system and try it our for yourself at no risk.

Current Providers

The current mix of Chamber specific software is good but the code is typically proprietary - meaning that the small software company might have some flexibility but oftentimes, the changes that you want are not what the rest of the customer base is asking for. That's a problem when you have to wait for the herd to change direction. 

We believe in software flexibility. You should have the power to flex the software without expensive programmers and with HubSpot, that's what you get.

Gaps in Functionality  - most of the current Chamber Software providers fail to address workforce development, talent attraction, and economic development. Not to mention business accelerator programs and business incubators. We have solutions built for all of this.

One of our clients is a Chamber of Commerce with a 5 sales team and they are absolutely on Fire - ever since they implemented the HubSpot CRM with us.

Tom Wengler

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